2010. júl. 27.


Yesterday I made petunia from polymer clay.

Here it is:

Dear followers!

Thank you for following my blog and I hope you take delight in it!
  Here is a picture of my dear daughter as just feeding swans at Lake Balaton:)
Isn't she lovely?

 Have a nice day! 

2010. júl. 25.

Gift for Bözse

Giving is pleasure!
Especially if your present is succeed in joyful surprise ...
And you  found out that soon will be the one's birthday too!

Well, I was this lucky now!
 And  the baby moved to a wonderful home:)

I hope you already named her, Bözse!

2010. júl. 21.


At last is finished Rosalie... .
  But let the pictures talk:

Her hair is made of combed wool.

2010. júl. 20.


  Rosalie's clothes is finally ready !
It is 99.9% ready, because the ribbon ran out, and I need another 5 cm (!) What a bad luck! I hope I find the same color. The sleeves should have a little bit.  But I think it can shown:)
(Two night shot, sorry for the quality ...)

I worked with tree different width of ribbon I sewed them with sewing mashine, all the other I was sewing by hand.
All the work needed about four hours, but for this I needed a clean desk, clean hands, peace and quiet ...
In this way I maded for to weeks...
Thans for my two dear and lively children:)

The costume idea came from a movie of Marie Antoinette, what was directed by Sofia Coppola. It only took a moment to see and fell in love with it:)
(Although I would add that the dress was a shade of peach in the movie, as you see under.)

2010. júl. 8.

How I made Rosalie

I already made some progress with my clothesless, hairless lady, but she's still not ready to show.
But I show You, how I made her from the start.
This is the first time I'm into something like this, so obviously not perfect, but it must start somewhere...

The body is based on a crossed wire frame. (Mine is a little freak, but the clay covers it anyway, do not have to be perfect.)
It should be measured to the required size of the height and the length of the legs, and the arms, the height of a female is from 13.5 to 14 cm. The body is 8 headly high, so a head has to be like 1.8 cm. There must be precise calculations for rates, but I did it by my eyes.

The skin color made of the mixture of white polymer clay with a little bit of yellow and red and a tiny bit of black. I work  first on the head and than on the body. It was a difficult path from the Neanderthal face to being acceptable to me ...First when I finished, I had to start over again, because I realized the head is too big, grr: (

It's a fine work, particularly the hand. I enjoyed so muck doing it, it surprised even me:)

Unfortunately I baked it probably a long time, because the well-mixed, healthy skin turned into red.
(Like me on last weekend after being at the lake Balaton...)

So I had to paint the skin again. A tan is also mixed  as up above. For painting I used Marabu brand of dekormatt acrylic paint, but it is too dull, next time I will mix it with the same brand lacquer decor.
The face shield is not the best (over the eye), I see plenty of mistakes ...

The next step is to cover the flexible parts of the body. There wasn't a better idea I twisted around with bandage:)

So here I am now.

I already have the plan of the clothes , about the hair I'm still thinking.

And I think her name is Rosalie.

2010. júl. 5.


Some days before, I desided to sculpt a kitty.
First, I wanted to do an adult, but as I go on with it, became a kitten ...
And, unfortunately, a large kitten. Does not proportional to the 1:12 scale miniatures.
This is approx 1:6 scale, a kind of "fashion doll size" ... well, let's say Barbie-sized. 
But here come the pictures:

Now, I have to think about his color, but as I feel, he will stay white, and I only have to color his eyes and his body here and there a bit.


The next thing I would like to show you is a chairs. 
The idea is from Synnøve from  Norway, I saw it on her blog http://synnovesetdukkehjem.blogspot.com and immediately fell in love with.

Since the corner shop does not sell any, I had to make it with my own hands. So I start to cut and shape the wire.
(Here in Hungary we don't have miniature shops or any place to get miniatures, the only way is to by online, but this way you never know what you get exactly.)
Then came the moment, I glued and glued. It was a great fun, because all the time I stuck with a chair ... Those who
already have experience with super glue knows what sneaky thing it is: (
Before I tried the classic Technokolt (I mean, it's classical in Hungary), but unfortunately this was not suitable.

 How great fun, when a man does something with  their own hands:) I
t's also excellent for therapy .

I still need to paint it, but already wanted to show itself:)

And who is that nice lady on the last picture? 
Wo even doesn't have a name, waiting for her clothes and hair done...she allready has long way behind her, so as I have with her.
Well it's another post's theme.

2010. júl. 1.


The first thing I made, several weeks ago,  was a vase with three roses. I used the Cernit type of polymer clay and the stem is from wire.  I noticed that some tools of housework can be very helpful in this job.

The reason why I started with a rose, is because several months ago I made a birthday cake with marzipan roses. I thought this was not more complicated, only smaller.

For months, I only looked at  foreign miniature blogs,  and I was just craving ...

Then I met a Hungarian miniature maker Bözse ( http://azenpicivilagom.blogspot.com/ ), who showed me that everything can be done with one's own hands.

Encouraged by this, I started working, and I didn't stop there:
I  started blogging in Hungarian.

And now here is the English version of the blog.
Please forgive me if I'm not so good at English, I hope the pictures will compensate for it.