2010. szept. 20.

Apple cottage progress

Midst of illness and other things I saved time to make progress with my hedgehog cottage.
Unfortunately, since than the bench was broken to elements by my son...
In these cases he always says, why don't you put it higher...a 3 years old lawyer:)

2010. szept. 14.

Hedgehog Grandpa

Look who smokes a pipe on the bench!
Hedgehog Grandpa finished.

Unfortunately Hedgehog Granny  has became a victim of my three and a half years son.
Now, with curtailled of her quills, and her arms, waiting for the hedgehog first aid ...

2010. szept. 10.


  First time in my life I have worked with wood, I feel sorry for the kitchen knives, but ultimately successfully sliced a small piece of wood, and an ice cream stick (recycling:)
A little sanding, a little painting, sanding again, and voila: you can see Mr Hedgehog's bench, on which he's so willingly smokes his pipe in the afternoon.

You surely noticed that I didn't shoot my photos in my small "garden studio", because the rain falls steadily for days, so unfortunately I had to make the best of  the room lights.

2010. szept. 8.

Hedgehog Granny

Here comes the autumn, and my favorite fruit, apple. About the apple, hedgehog came into my mind .

Can you follow me? :)

Who knows me well , knows that I am a big child in my heart, I love tales , story-books, especially if they are beautifully illustrated.
Can you imagine a scene where Hedgehog Granny is just baking apple pie in the apple-cottage, while Hedgehog Grandpa resting in front of the lodge on a bench, smoking a pipe ...

 Well, I can!
Indeed, I would like to make it.
That would be my first complete scene in miniature.
Although I'm quite scattered, but I'm starting it!
Come with me!

Here is Hedgehog Granny:

And the apple-cottage in preparation:

(Made of plaster, the victim (the base) is one of my little girl's pink balloons...)

2010. szept. 5.

Thai kitty

Finally I've painted ...

He was waiting so patiently on the shelf, his unpainted eyes were begging me every day, so I started out:)

Here comes the pictures:

We have a cat like him long ago, and he was the smartest, cutest can I've ever known!
I miss you Mengrai !

2010. aug. 27.

Traveling Doser

We have a very dear family friend who now works far away, in the Netherlands.
Today her mother is travelling to her, and we sent her a little pack. 
In the package, next to the Twilight-Breaking Down book and a  Jacob movie cup (do not laugh...) is traveling mini-Doser, his beloved american bulldog dog's small replica. 

  I worked from photos, on my phone you can see the original Dozer, himself:)

Perhaps now she allready opened the package:)
We send you kisses Dius, and awaiting for you to come home!

2010. aug. 21.


Remember those beautiful roses, what I received  from Bözse, not so long ago?
They looked at me so lonely, so I made them Cala-company!
Even now requires a little green, but maybe you got used to , that I show you everything in semi-finished:D ...

2010. aug. 20.

A ceramic jug and a mug

In this blog I use to show you my own hands products, but this time I show you that I bought my first minature today.

We went to the Buda Castle for Festival of Folk Arts , and look what I've found:

As it seems, the miniature-fever is making way in Hungary!

2010. aug. 18.



I love pastries!

Fortunately I can view them with impunity.

  Here it is:

And finally, my little girl's wish, a blue cake, on  Bözse's beautiful tray.

 Unfortunately, as  my mini maker companions, Bözse and Zsuzsa also suggested, the Cernit clay is not as good quality as Fimo. It changes color during cooking.
The white becomes milk white or translucent.
The white decorations on the blue cake baked into blue light, I had to paint all over it: ( Annoying!
And if the pieces are too thin, they remain flexible.

So if I'll run out of  Cernit I'll change for  Fimo, but as soon as possible I'll buy a white one from it, that's for sure.

2010. aug. 16.

Would you like a cup of coffee, my dear?

Instead of learning  for the rule of the road exam   in my spare time I made this little pink coffee set from polymer clay.

And what a miracle, I've painted  my chair!
The sugar bowl  is still missing from the set, but I couldn't wait and prefer to act like a mini pastry apprentice, also in my spare time (and than who's going to studying for the exam, umph ...)
Sign up soon:)

2010. aug. 10.


...the postman didn't has to ring twice, not even once, because I was near to the gateway, waiting for an expected nice little package.

Look and amaze:)

By now you must have already known Bözse's amazing works, they are incredibly realistic, inspired by life, so it's more kind from her to sail away to my little pink world , and made these beautiful miracles specially for me and for Rosalie.

This is the first time in my life to hold someone elses minis in my hands, and how lucky I am, that this  first encounter is happened with such a finely designed, high quality work.
This is encouraging me to practice even more , and work with even higher precision.
Thank you, Bözse!

...And it was inspiring me, soon you can see it ...

2010. júl. 27.


Yesterday I made petunia from polymer clay.

Here it is:

Dear followers!

Thank you for following my blog and I hope you take delight in it!
  Here is a picture of my dear daughter as just feeding swans at Lake Balaton:)
Isn't she lovely?

 Have a nice day!