2010. szept. 5.

Thai kitty

Finally I've painted ...

He was waiting so patiently on the shelf, his unpainted eyes were begging me every day, so I started out:)

Here comes the pictures:

We have a cat like him long ago, and he was the smartest, cutest can I've ever known!
I miss you Mengrai !

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  1. This cat is fantastic!I love it!
    I have a certosino cat.
    I would like one in miniature but I haven't find.
    My cat name is Minu':dark grey body-yellow eyes.
    I love it!
    Very good job you have made!

  2. Wow it is amazing!
    I like your creations. I am a fimo/cernit addicted too. I am from Italy buy right now I am in Budapest and it will be awesome if you could suggest me a shop where I can find the fimo and some nice tools, just to see the difference in the price and in the recipe.
    I have just tomorrow 6 September to do it.


  3. Thank you Sonya, I'm glad you like it!

  4. Dear Momia!

    Good to hear that you are in Budapest!
    I hope you like it, and you have good time!
    I know two hobby shops between "Kálvin tér" and "Ferenciek tere" on "Üllői út"32. and 18. You can get there by the third metro (blue metro).
    But I'm not sure they have Fimo. I sculp with Cernit right now, because, in the neerest shop, they sell cernit. But soon I'll change for fimo.
    They are regular hobby shops, but I hope you will find there something interesting.

    I hope I helped you, if you have more other question, I'll try to help.

    Take care! Bye!

  5. Que maravilloso gatito, es una preciosidad, enhorabuena
    besitos ascension

  6. Your miniature kitty is lovely and very realistic!
    Greetings from Poland:-)

  7. This cat is wonderful! I love cats.
    Bye Faby