2010. szept. 14.

Hedgehog Grandpa

Look who smokes a pipe on the bench!
Hedgehog Grandpa finished.

Unfortunately Hedgehog Granny  has became a victim of my three and a half years son.
Now, with curtailled of her quills, and her arms, waiting for the hedgehog first aid ...

6 megjegyzés:

  1. Me encanta como te ha quedado, un erizo con mucha personalidad!!
    besitos ascension

  2. He is beautiful! All those perfect tiny spikes, must have taken you ages to make!


  3. Thank you! It only takes about 15 minutes, I'm very patient in this kind of works:)

  4. Hola Anikó me encantan tus personajes,tienes un talento increible modelando.Tu proyecto de la casita del erizo es una preciosidad,un saludo cariñoso desde España.

  5. ¡Me alegro de que le gusta esto!