2010. szept. 20.

Apple cottage progress

Midst of illness and other things I saved time to make progress with my hedgehog cottage.
Unfortunately, since than the bench was broken to elements by my son...
In these cases he always says, why don't you put it higher...a 3 years old lawyer:)

2010. szept. 14.

Hedgehog Grandpa

Look who smokes a pipe on the bench!
Hedgehog Grandpa finished.

Unfortunately Hedgehog Granny  has became a victim of my three and a half years son.
Now, with curtailled of her quills, and her arms, waiting for the hedgehog first aid ...

2010. szept. 10.


  First time in my life I have worked with wood, I feel sorry for the kitchen knives, but ultimately successfully sliced a small piece of wood, and an ice cream stick (recycling:)
A little sanding, a little painting, sanding again, and voila: you can see Mr Hedgehog's bench, on which he's so willingly smokes his pipe in the afternoon.

You surely noticed that I didn't shoot my photos in my small "garden studio", because the rain falls steadily for days, so unfortunately I had to make the best of  the room lights.

2010. szept. 8.

Hedgehog Granny

Here comes the autumn, and my favorite fruit, apple. About the apple, hedgehog came into my mind .

Can you follow me? :)

Who knows me well , knows that I am a big child in my heart, I love tales , story-books, especially if they are beautifully illustrated.
Can you imagine a scene where Hedgehog Granny is just baking apple pie in the apple-cottage, while Hedgehog Grandpa resting in front of the lodge on a bench, smoking a pipe ...

 Well, I can!
Indeed, I would like to make it.
That would be my first complete scene in miniature.
Although I'm quite scattered, but I'm starting it!
Come with me!

Here is Hedgehog Granny:

And the apple-cottage in preparation:

(Made of plaster, the victim (the base) is one of my little girl's pink balloons...)

2010. szept. 5.

Thai kitty

Finally I've painted ...

He was waiting so patiently on the shelf, his unpainted eyes were begging me every day, so I started out:)

Here comes the pictures:

We have a cat like him long ago, and he was the smartest, cutest can I've ever known!
I miss you Mengrai !