2010. aug. 27.

Traveling Doser

We have a very dear family friend who now works far away, in the Netherlands.
Today her mother is travelling to her, and we sent her a little pack. 
In the package, next to the Twilight-Breaking Down book and a  Jacob movie cup (do not laugh...) is traveling mini-Doser, his beloved american bulldog dog's small replica. 

  I worked from photos, on my phone you can see the original Dozer, himself:)

Perhaps now she allready opened the package:)
We send you kisses Dius, and awaiting for you to come home!

10 megjegyzés:

  1. Que maravilla, esta igual al original, enhorabuena!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Wauw...that's really nice dog!!

    Mail to you ;-)

  3. Thank you! By now he is in your country:)

  4. What a cute dog! Wow :)

    Thanks a lot of your comment in my blog. If You want to use google translator for understanding my language choose `finnish´ or `suomi`. I don´t know which one it´s in your computer ;D

    Greetings from Finland, Lotte

  5. Thank you, after I wrote, I tried some languages and I found finnish!

  6. He is so wonderful!! You have made a perfect gift for your friend!!

  7. Anikó ¡Esta precioso!! Parece que solo le falta ladrar O = ¡ Increíble!!!
    Un beso