2010. júl. 20.


  Rosalie's clothes is finally ready !
It is 99.9% ready, because the ribbon ran out, and I need another 5 cm (!) What a bad luck! I hope I find the same color. The sleeves should have a little bit.  But I think it can shown:)
(Two night shot, sorry for the quality ...)

I worked with tree different width of ribbon I sewed them with sewing mashine, all the other I was sewing by hand.
All the work needed about four hours, but for this I needed a clean desk, clean hands, peace and quiet ...
In this way I maded for to weeks...
Thans for my two dear and lively children:)

The costume idea came from a movie of Marie Antoinette, what was directed by Sofia Coppola. It only took a moment to see and fell in love with it:)
(Although I would add that the dress was a shade of peach in the movie, as you see under.)

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