2010. júl. 5.


The next thing I would like to show you is a chairs. 
The idea is from Synnøve from  Norway, I saw it on her blog http://synnovesetdukkehjem.blogspot.com and immediately fell in love with.

Since the corner shop does not sell any, I had to make it with my own hands. So I start to cut and shape the wire.
(Here in Hungary we don't have miniature shops or any place to get miniatures, the only way is to by online, but this way you never know what you get exactly.)
Then came the moment, I glued and glued. It was a great fun, because all the time I stuck with a chair ... Those who
already have experience with super glue knows what sneaky thing it is: (
Before I tried the classic Technokolt (I mean, it's classical in Hungary), but unfortunately this was not suitable.

 How great fun, when a man does something with  their own hands:) I
t's also excellent for therapy .

I still need to paint it, but already wanted to show itself:)

And who is that nice lady on the last picture? 
Wo even doesn't have a name, waiting for her clothes and hair done...she allready has long way behind her, so as I have with her.
Well it's another post's theme.

4 megjegyzés:

  1. Oh wow! I love the chair! You have great skills and patience!

  2. Yes I have patience, but unfortunately only with minis...

  3. Amazing work! It's just beautiful!

  4. Thanks:) I enjoyed to make it!